Michigan Air National Guard
Air Force Reserve

Michigan Air National Guard

Michigan National Guard insignia

Address: 3411 N Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
Lansing, Michigan, MI 48906

Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center
Alpena Combat Readiness Center

Address: 5884 A Street, Alpena, MI 49707
Phone: 989-354-6210
Website: https://www.alpenacrtc.ang.af.mil/

110th Wing- Battle Creek Air National Guard Base
Battle Creek ANG Base

Address: 3367 West Dickman, Battle Creek, MI 49037
Phone: 269-969-3400
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/

127th Wing -Selfridge Air National Guard Base
127th Wing Selfridge Air National Guard Base

Address: 44875 N. Jefferson Avenue, Selfridge ANGB, MI 48045
Phone: 586-239-5576
Website: https://www.127wg.ang.af.mil/

DEERS / ID Card / CAC Office
Site Locator & Appointments: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/locator
Website: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/

Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Building 31, Lansing
Phone: 517-481-9879
Fax: 517-481-9886
Email: ng.mi.miarng.mbx.deers@mail.mil
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/ID-Cards/
Site ID: 157715

Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center
Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center

Address: 5884 A Street, Building 5060, Alpena
Phone: 989-354-6370 / 6245
DSN: 741-6370
Fax: 989-354-6229
Website https://www.alpenacrtc.ang.af.mil/Resources/ID-CARDS/
Site ID: 107683

110th Wing
ANG Training

Address: 3367 West Dickman Road, Springfield
Phone: 269-969-3216 x5
Fax: 269-969-3238
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/Units/AOG/
Site ID: 102420

127th Wing

Airman in the snow

Address: 29423 George Avenue, Building 304, Mt Clemens
Phone: 586-239-4044 / 4159
Fax: 586-239-6957
Site ID: 102392

Finance / Defense Military Pay Office
110th Wing
Phone: 269-969-3233
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Frequently-Requested-Numbers/

127th Wing
Phone: 586-239-5661

DFAS logo

Address: 8899 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 888-332-7411 (select an option)
Customer Service
Self Service - Press 1
Report the Death of a Military Retiree - Press 2
Garnishments - Press 3
Pay Inquiries - Press 4
- Travel Pay - Press 4, then option #1
- Military Retired and Annuitant Pay - Press 4, then option #2
- Military Pay - Press 4, then option #3
- Out of Service Debt - Press 4, then option #4
My Pay Website Assistance - Press 5
Affordable Care Act - Press 6
Website: https://www.dfas.mil

DFAS Retired Military & Annuitants
Phone: 800-321-1080
Website: https://www.dfas.mil/RetiredMilitary/

Legal/Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)
Joint Force Headquarters
Address: 3144 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Building 20, Room 231
Phone: 517-481-8100
Email: ng.mi.miarng.list.jag@mail.mil
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Judge-Advocate-General/

110th Wing
Phone: 269-969-3232
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Airmen-and-Family-Readiness/

127th Wing
Phone: 586-239-4079 / 4078

Medical and Dental

127 Medical Group


Military Treatment Facility (MTF) 
Website: https://www.tricare.mil/mtf?sc_database=web

Tricare Service Center
Tricare East
Phone: 1-800-444-5445
Website: https://www.humanamilitary.com/



Tricare Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC)
Tricare BCAC Directory: https://www.tricare.mil/bcacdcao/


Tricare Dental Program
Phone: 1-844-653-4061
Website: https://tricare.mil/Dental.aspx


Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)
Benefeds Dental Program-For Retired Service Members

Replaced Tricare Retiree Dental Program as of 12/31/2018
Phone: 1-877-888-3337 (1-877-888-FEDS)
Website: https://www.benefeds.com/

Child and Youth Programs
Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Lansing
Phone: 517-481-9894 / 9890
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/Child-and-Youth-Programs/

Michigan National Guard Family Programs
Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Lansing
Phone: 517-481-9893
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/

Family Assistance Program
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/Joint-Family-Support-Assistance-Program/

mother and son

Joint Family Support Assistance Programs
Phone: 989-415-9846

Family Readiness Center
Joint Forces Headquarters

Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard
Phone: 517-481-9892
Cell: 517-599-5372
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/Family-Fund/

Family of 4 running holding hands

Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center
Phone: 989-354-6583
Website: https://www.alpenacrtc.ang.af.mil/Resources/Family-Support/

110th Wing
Phone: 269-969-3493
Cell: 269-986-8124
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Airmen-and-Family-Readiness/

127th Wing
Address: 39553 George Avenue, Building 303
Phone: 586-239-5583
Email: usaf.mi.127-wg.list.fal-fss-fsf-amn-and-fam-readiness@mail.mil
Website: https://www.127wg.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Airmen-Family-Readiness/

Employment Services
Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard
Phone: 517-481-7895
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/Family-Readiness-Support-Assistant/

Religious Support Office
Joint Forces Headquarters
Address: Building 30
Phone: 517-481-7883
Email: ng.mi.miarng.list.chaplain@mail.mil
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/State-Support-Chaplain/

110th Wing
Address: 3545 Mustang Avenue
Phone: 269-969-3371
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Airmen-and-Family-Readiness/

127th Wing
Address: Building 303
Phone: 586-239-4020

Retiree Services Office
Joint Forces Headquarters

Address: 3411 N. Martin Luther Boulevard
Phone: 517-481-8349
Service Records: 517-481-8276
Email: ng.mi.miarng.mbx.retirement-services@mail.mil
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Retirement-Services/

110th Attack Wing

127th Wing
Phone: 586-239-5580

Air to Air refueling

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)
Joint Forces Headquarters
Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther Boulevard
Phone: 517-481-7638
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/SARC/

110th Wing
24/7 Helpline: 269-832-7290
Phone: 269-969-3337
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Sexual-Assault-Prevention-and-Response-SAPR/

127th Wing
24/7 Helpline: 586-854-0617

Address: Building 303
Phone: 586-239-5384

Suicide Prevention / Psychological Health
Joint Forces Headquarters
Military & Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Phone: 1-800-MICH-VET (642-4838)
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/State-Support-Chaplain/

110th Wing
Phone: 269-969-3309
Cell: 269-967-2484
Website: https://www.110atkw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Psychological-Health/

127th Wing
Address: Building 303
Phone: 586-239-2510
Cell: 586-764-7233

Survivor Outreach Services

Northern Michigan Area
Address: Camp Grayling
Phone: 989-344-4286

South Central Michigan Area
Address: 3423 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Lansing
Phone: 517-672-0918

South Western Michigan Area
Address: Fort Custer, Augusta
Phone: 269-282-7870

Eastern Michigan
Address: Building 232, 6501 E 11 Mile Road, Warren
Phone 586-282-0482

Transition Assistance
Transition Assistance Advisor

Address: 3423 N Martin Luther King Boulevard 
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/Transition-Assistance/

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
Address: 3423 N Martin Luther King Boulevard
Phone: 517-481-9877
Cell: 517-993-7782
Website: https://minationalguard.dodlive.mil/Resources/Family-Programs/Yellow-Ribbon/

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Air Force Reserve

There are no United States Air Force Reserve Units located in Michigan. For information on joining the U.S. Air Force Reserves please contact the AF Reserve Recruiting Services at: 1-800-257-1212 or visit https://www.afrc.af.mil/

Retiree Services
Address: AFPC/DPFFF, 550 C Street West, JBSA-Randolph, TX 78150
Phone: 800-525-0102
DSN: 665-5000
Fax: 803-751-3152
Email: afpc.retiree@us.af.mil
Website: https://www.retirees.af.mil/

Services may also be available at: U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal.

For additional state resource information please see the MyAirForceBenefits – Michigan Military and Veteran Benefits Fact Sheet.

Information on other military installations can be found at the Military Installations and Directories of Services Lookup, 88th Readiness Division, and the Joint Services Support for the National Guard and MyArmyBenefits – Michigan Military Resource Locator.

Document Review Date: 03 March 2021