Benefit News


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2023 - April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Department of Defense is aligning its efforts across the service branches to ensure child and teen safety in the military community.


How to Approve Your TRICARE Home Delivery Prescription Refills

FALLS CHURCH, VA, April 4, 2023 - Are your prescriptions enrolled in the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery automatic refill program, administered by Express Scripts? If they are, did you know you must approve your refills before they’re sent to you? Not only is the process easy and convenient, but it will also help prevent excess prescription waste.


VA waives copayments for eligible Native American/Alaska Native Veterans

WASHINGTON, April 3, 2023 - Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that eligible American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans are no longer required to make copayments for health care and urgent care received through VA. The Biden-Harris administration and VA are proud to implement this rule, which is estimated to impact approximately 25,000 American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans.


Month of the Military Child 2023 – Taking Care of Our Military Children

WASHIGNTON, April 3, 2023 - The Defense Department is observing April as Month of the Military Child and will highlight programs, resources and services available to support the overall well-being of military children, youth and teens.


DOD Announced New Bereavement Leave Benefit for Members

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2023 - Today, the Department of Defense announced a new non-chargeable, paid bereavement leave benefit for service members who suffer the loss of their spouses or children. Directive-type Memorandum 23-003 –"Bereavement Leave for Service Members" implements the policy and procedures for the administration of bereavement leave for service members across the Department of Defense. The new leave benefit is authorized in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022.


Don’t Delay Your TRICARE Covered Cancer Screenings

FALLS CHURCH, VA, March 29, 2023 - If you had cancer, you’d probably want to know as soon as possible. That’s because when it comes to cancer, time is critical. Generally, the earlier a cancer is found, the easier it may be to treat or cure. Some types of cancer can be detected before a person even shows symptoms. TRICARE covers screenings for these cancers as part of your preventive care benefit.