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DoD Guidance for Coronavirus Disease Vaccination Attestation and Screening Testing for Unvaccinated Personnel

The Department of Defense released Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 23) which provides guidance for implementing additional force health protection and workplace safety measures directed by the White House Safer Federal Workforce Task Force to reduce the transmission of the virus that causes the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In accordance with the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force guidance, attestation of an individual's status as fully vaccinated or presentation of a recent negative COVID-19 test is a condition of physical access to DOD buildings and DOD-leased spaces in non-DOD buildings in which official DOD business takes place. (more)

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Get the Mental Health Care Support You Need with TRICARE

By TRICARE Communications

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – When you sprain your ankle or notice a suspicious lump, you seek medical attention. But what if you notice yourself worrying a lot more than before, or you feel more stressed and irritable? Or if you or your family members are concerned about your alcohol or pain medication use? These may be mental health issues, and it’s important to know that treatment is out there, that treatment works, and relief is possible. If you think you or a family member may need mental health services, explore your options with TRICARE. More...

Q&A: What Are My COVID-19 Vaccination Options Overseas?

By TRICARE Communications

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- The fight against COVID-19 isn't over yet. But we've seen major progress made along the way. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 vaccination is an important tool to help us get back to a more normal way of life. And now more TRICARE families overseas are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. If you or your family members still need to get the vaccine, TRICARE is here to help you navigate your options.  More...

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Military Hospitals and Clinics that are Restructuring

Falls Church, VA, January 13, 2022 - The military hospitals and clinics listed below have been identified for restructuring. The DOD plans to implement these changes with a careful, deliberate approach, maintaining access to high quality care for MHS beneficiaries while sustaining readiness. We will not restructure any facility if doing so means failing to meet our obligations to our beneficiaries.


VA health records now display gender identity

WASHINGTON, January 12, 2022 - The Department of Veterans Affairs began including gender identifiers in its national medical record system in December 2021 to help VA providers better understand and meet the health care needs of Veterans.