VA Benefits and Services

Air National Guard: Federal Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet

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The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information, resources, and tools to service members and their loved ones to help prepare for the move from military to civilian life. Service members begin TAP one year prior to separation, or two years prior to retiring.

The VA portion of TAP is a one-day, in-person course called VA Benefits and Services. Led by VA Benefits Advisors, the course helps you understand how to navigate VA and the benefits and services you have earned through your military career. The course offers interactive exercises, real examples, and covers topics important to you like Family support, disability compensation, education, and health care benefits.

Service members will also receive an orientation of the VA Health Care.

NOTE: Spouses and Family members are permitted and encouraged to attend any or all of the briefings with the Service member.


F35 on takeoffAir National Guard Service members transitioning from the military after 180 days of continuous Federal service under U.S.C. Title 10 or Title 32 are required to attend the VA Benefits briefings prior to their separation date. This includes Service members being processed for medical or other involuntary separations. 

Benefit Highlights

The VA Benefits and Services consists of six modules:

  • Module 1: Navigating Your Journey
    • Your Transition Journey
  • Module 2: Maintaining Your Health
    • VA Whole Health
    • VA Health Care Services
    • Family Support
    • VA Mental Health Care Services
    • Health Care Tools
    • Making Informed Decisions
    • Accessing VA Health Care
  • Module 3: Supporting Yourself and Your Family
    • Service-connected Disabilities
    • Life Insurance Benefits
    • Burial and Memorial Benefits
    • Monetary Benefits for Survivors
    • Veterans Benefits Banking Program
  • Module 4: Getting Career Ready
    • Education and Training Resources
    • Career and Employment Resources
    • Summary of Education Benefits
  • Module 5: Finding a Place to Live and Community Resources
    • Comparing Locations
    • VA Home Loan Benefit
    • Discovering Housing Options
    • State and Local Benefits
    • Integrating into your Community
    • Community Support for Veterans
    • Personal Resources for Ongoing Support
  • Module 6: Summary and Review
    • Summary and Review

Your Military and Family Readiness Center will help you identify availability of the VA Benefits and Services.

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Document Review Date: 31 October 2023