Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR)

Regular Air Force: Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet

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Force Support Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) resiliency and readiness programs provide the necessary building blocks essential to retention, resiliency, squadron readiness, and trust among service members. MWR programs include: Aero Club; Arts and Crafts; Auto Hobby; Bowling; Clubs; Community Center; Golf; Information, Ticket, and Travel; Gaming; Library; Outdoor Recreation; and other membership clubs.


Active duty Service members and authorized family members are eligible to utilize MWR facilities and programs.

Benefit Highlights

The range of MWR programs offered at Air Force installations is based on the needs of authorized patrons who work and reside there. Some of the programs and services may include:

Aero Clubs  
Aero clubs are recreational aviation clubs provided on Air Force installations to promote readiness and resiliency of service members. Aero clubs provide airmen and guardians an opportunity to support the Air Force mission; participate in professional aviation training programs and safe, low cost aircraft operations; develop and maintain aeronautical skills; and develop awareness and appreciation of aviation. In addition, aero clubs support the United States Air Force Survival, Recovery, and Reconstruction Plan, search and recovery operations and other operational missions. Survival, recovery and reconstitution or contingency missions, are a priority. All club assists and personnel support these missions when required.

Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts Programs are instructional programs directed toward the recreational, vocational and educational needs of airmen and guardians providing knowledge to pursue constructive and creative hobbies and increase competence in fine arts, crafts and industrial arts

Auto Hobby
The Auto Hobby Shop offers a wide variety of services for instructional purposes and to support do-it-yourself customers. This includes instructional and self-help assistance for major overhaul, minor repairs, and maintenance of privately owned automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, motor scooters, marine engines, hulls, or other components requiring a large, enclosed area where workable space for several large pieces of machinery is needed. The auto hobby manager makes available normal equipment and tools to self-help complete automotive repair and services. Do not confuse MWR auto hobby with repair shops operated as revenue producing activities by AAFES.

Bowling Centers provide a comfortable environment for squadrons, service members, and their families to participate in competitive and recreational bowling in an environment that improves fitness, unit cohesion, airmen and guardian trust, and bowling ball rolling into the pinsreadiness. Bowling centers offer services such as pro shops, bowling instructional programs, food operations, special functions, arcades, and complementary programs.

Clubs provide customer-driven food, beverage, entertainment, and membership programs to meet the social recreation needs of members and their authorized guests. Clubs serve as the primary location for Commanders to host official social functions and community relation events. Clubs provide a formal and informal location for leaders to create an environment that fosters and promotes DAF institutional values, culture and heritage.

Community Centers
The community center is a multi-use facility providing programs promoting the positive use of leisure time, sense of belonging, and social and family interaction. The community center programs include: personal and professional development, family and life skills, performing arts, and recreation and leisure. Each Community Center is unique and offers programs that reflect the local base community’s interests and needs of service members, their families, couples, retirees, and civilians.

The gaming program provides a recreational opportunity to service members and adult family members at overseas locations and is an important source of revenue to maintain and improve MWR resiliency and readiness programs at all DAF installations. Gaming machines are only lawfully authorized at overseas locations excluding US territories and possessions by DoDI 1015.10. The DAF gaming program is not considered a stand-alone program but is in addition to the recreational activities that exist at the installations where the machines are located. The DAF gaming program is self-funded, supported through the revenues generated.

golf club hitting a ball

The DAF Golf program operates and maintains golf courses around the world, offering open round of golf, tournaments, a pro shop and instructional lessons and clinics. Click here to find a golf course near you.

Information Tickets & Travel (ITT)
The Information, Tickets and Travel program strives to provide eligible MWR patrons the lowest possible pricing in travel arrangements and entertainment ticket venues as patrons plan their leisure time activities. ITT has locations on installations and also includes a DoD managed e-commerce website, American Forces Travel. Both the installation locations and e-commerce website offer a variety of travel services, to include but not limited to airline reservations, cruises, tours, hotels and rental cars, entertainment and amusement venues. Each ITT installation location provides information on local venues such as vicinity maps, transportation assistance, dining, entertainment, customs and cultures.

Libraries provide eligible patrons with internet access, reading rooms, reference books and media collections for fiction and nonfiction literature. The Department of Defense also offers on-line services at

Air Force Inns have the comfortable, quality lodging facilities you seek and the value you will appreciate. Lodging seeks to accommodate you whether on temporary duty, permeant change of station or recreational travel. For reservations visit:

Tent by a lake

Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation offers a variety of resources and rental information for all your outdoor adventures. Camping, recreation equipment, party supplies, and bouncy houses are just some examples of the rental offerings. They have a professionally trained and knowledgeable staff are on hand. Information, equipment and access service members need to get outdoors and enjoy local natural resources.

Fitness, Sports and the World Class Athlete Program
Fitness Centers provide opportunities in support the physical and mental wellbeing of participants, buffering the negative effects of stress and fostering resilience in service members and their families. Service provided include: Cardiovascular equipment, resistance training equipment, free weights, group exercise classes, personal training instructors and more. Active duty airmen have priority over family members.

The World Class Athlete Program provides a means for military personnel approved as world class athletes to train for, attend, and participate in Pan American games, Conseil International du Sport Militaire, Olympic Games, other qualifying forums, and preparatory competitions. Regular AF, Space Force, AF Reserve, and Air National Guard (ANG) participating personnel who are established athletes in Olympic-sanctioned sports are eligible to apply for the world class athlete program.

Recreational Clubs
The purpose of recreational clubs is to meet the needs of special interest groups, to enhance teambuilding, unit cohesion, trust, and promote the resiliency and readiness of Service members. Recreational clubs are not private organizations they are DAF sponsored activities and are part of the installation’s MWR program. Some examples of recreational clubs include horseback riding, sailing, skiing and SCUBA diving. Check your local installation for availability.

Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC)
Main stree in disney worldArmed Forces Recreation Centers full-service resort hotels are Joint Service Facilities that provide quality, wholesome, affordable, family-oriented vacation recreation opportunities to service members, their families, and other authorized patrons (including official travelers)

Additional Information

For more information, please visit:

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Document Review Date: 09 February 2024