DoD Disability Retired Pay

The Department of Defense (DoD) compensates Airmen and Guardians who are retired for physical disability (Title 10 USC Ch. 61). The Secretary of the Air Force (SAF) may retire a regular component Airman who is deemed physically unfit to perform their duties as the result of an injury incurred in the line of duty. To qualify for disability retirement, the Airman must have completed at least 20 years of creditable service, in accordance with 10 USC 1208, or have service-connected disabilities that caused the Airman to be unfit for duty and amount to a combined disability rating of 30 percent or more. The 20-year threshold established by 10 USC 1208 includes Reserve "equivalent duty service" (the product of the Airman's membership and Inactive Duty Training (IDT) points divided by 360). This service is applicable to Regular Service members with former Reserve Service.