Deployment and Mobilization Support

Air Force Reserve: Drilling

Benefit Fact Sheet

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The U.S. Air and Space Force is dedicated to ensuring that the needs of our deployed Airmen, Guardians, DoD Civilians, and their families are identified and addressed in a timely manner. Military and Family Readiness Centers (M&FRCs) are dedicated to ensuring the needs of deployers and their families are addressed. M&FRCs offer services throughout the deployment cycle and provide services for mobilizations, activations, and deployments lasting longer than 30 days.  Pre-deployment, sustainment, and reintegration services that provide information, improve skills, foster competencies, and deliver support and assistance are also offered. M&FRC Readiness NCOs and other M&FRC staff are available to assist in managing the challenges of evacuations, emergencies, deployments, and separations including TDYs and remote tours.


DeploymentAll military members, to include Guard and Reserve, DoD Civilians and their eligible Family members who possess a current government-issued identification card are eligible for deployment and mobilization support services.

Benefit Highlights

Pre-deployment support for Service members and Families begins with a mandatory pre-deployment briefing for the deploying Airman and Guardians. Families are strongly encouraged to attend.

  • Briefings or individual consultations cover the emotional and practical aspects of deployment, information on deployment expectations, stress, staying connected, sustainment services offered, as well as return and reunion support
  • Personal and Family readiness are emphasized in three key areas: finances, legal matters, and personal preparation
  • M&FRC staff contact identified Family members to inform them of resources and services available if they are unavailable to attend the briefing / consultation.

Deployment/Sustainment programs and services are available to Family members for the duration of the deployment.Airmen loading gear

  • Other programs administered by M&FRCs aid in reducing stress during deployments, which include limited free child care (Air Force Aid Society, Give Parents a Break) and respite care (AF Respite Care, TRICARE Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) respite care) for qualifying dependents with special needs
  • Information is disseminated by the M&FRC staff via newsletters, emails and telephone calls
  • School Liaisons partner with parents, local school authorities, and teachers to address unique stressors for children of deployed parents and caretakers
  • Hearts Apart and other sustainment events and activities, encourage leadership and peer support through coordinated dinners, activities, newsletters, and other forms of outreach to include unit-based Key Spouse Program.

Reintegration/ Redeployment begins 30 days prior to redeployment and lasts up to 30 days upon return. M&FRCs provide reintegration services for Airmen, Airman hugging his familyGuardians, DoD Civilians, and Families that may include welcome home events, classes, and workshops on reintegrating into Family, community, and workplace. Non-clinical counseling and referral is available, when necessary, through Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs).

Post-Deployment begins 30 days after return to home station and lasts for 180 days following deployment. Services focus on reconnecting members with the families, units, communities and enhancing resiliency skills.

Deployment Support Child Care:

Youth Deployment Support Programs:

  • Mission Youth Outreach: The Mission Youth Outreach (MYO) partnership supports military youth, ages 6 to 18, by creating a positive, supportive network. Through this partnership, children of National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty families may be eligible to receive free membership to their local Boys & Girls Club (additional fees may apply such as transportation, field trips, etc.)

Additional Information
Document Review Date: 09 August 2023