Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL)

Air National Guard: State Active Duty

Benefit Fact Sheet

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The Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) program provides opportunities for enlisted members of the Air Force and Space Force to earn industry recognized professional credentials and licenses. The program is part of the Air Force Virtual Education Center.


AF COOL is a total force program all enlisted Service members are eligible to participate.

Benefit Highlights

AF COOL contains a variety of information about credentialing and licensing. AF COOL can be used to:

  • Get background information about civilian licensure and certification in general and specific information on individual credentials including eligibility requirements and resources to prepare for an exam

  • Identify licenses and certifications relevant to Air Force Specialties

  • Learn how to fill gaps between Air Force training and experience and civilian credentialing requirements

  • AF COOL logo Learn about resources available to DAF members that can help them gain civilian job credentials.

AF COOL also has a Search Credentials section that allows DAF members to look at all credentials for all enlisted AFSCs. While DAF members can only receive tuition assistance on approved credentials, DAF members can view other occupations they may have an interest in for future planning. Search results will include the certifications and licenses related to those AFSCs and other information such as related civilian occupations. DAF members can also search by civilian career area, credential name, and credentialing agency name.

Application Process

Explore AF COOL Credentials and Create and Education Goal

1. Log in to your AFVEC account, click on Education Programs and then select AF COOL

2. Navigate to the AF COOL homepage and explore the credentials you may be qualified for

3. Select the credential you wish to pursue through the AF COOL program. (NOTE: You can sort the credentials via funding method, i.e., AF COOL, GI Bill, etc.)

4. Once you found the Credentials you are interested in, click “Create Education Goal”

5. You must upload all supporting documentation that is listed on your eligibility tab within your Credential. Failure to upload required supporting documentation will delay or disapprove your tuition assistance requests.

Start a Funding Request

In your AFVEC account, locate your AF COOL goal and click "Apply for Funding". Follow the prompts to complete the funding request application. You will need the following information:

  • Exam Center (provided by the credentialing agency’s website)

  • Cost for exam including administrative fees (contact the credentialing agency and request an invoice to assist in completing your funding request)

  • Testing Window – AF COOL testing window is 120 days. If testing outside of the AFVEC system’s 120-day window, continue to fill out the request, then email the AF COOL CPO with the anticipated testing date.

Once you complete the funding request, an email will be sent to your supervisor who will review the request and approve or disapprove it. You will then be notified via email once this action is completed.

Approval Process

Once your supervisor approves your funding request, it is then electronically routed to the AF COOL office which will make the payment on your behalf. The CPO / Purchase Agent will contact you via phone or email should they require any changes to be made prior to payment. Funding requests are processed on a First- In, First-Out basis.


After you take your exam, please provide the AF COOL office with a copy of your grade and / or your Certificate of Completion. Failure to report grade may require reimbursement of governments cost. Email grades and your supporting documentation on your AF COOL goal to the AF COOL office at

Once your grade(s) are updated and you complete your Credential, you will be sent a voluntary End-of-Course survey which will be used to assist the AF COOL office in providing a better service for future applicants.

Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per Air and Space professional. Eligible members may attain only one credential at a time per category, i.e., Primary AFSC/Leadership, at AF expense. The AF will pay for the exam(s), books (NTE $500), administrative/application fees, and recertification fees necessary for that one credential. Once the credentialing goal has been approved by the supervisor and supporting documentation uploaded into the educational goal (itemized price quote, vendor approval template, application, etc.), the member must create a separate funding request for each item – exams and/or books – and ensure the request matches the provided price quote. Senior NCOs (E-7 through E-9) may also be eligible for leadership and management credentials. The AF COOL Program has also expanded to allow for one non-AFSC related credential and one completed degree-associated credential, bachelors or higher. If a member fails the non-AFSC credential, they will be required to repay the cost of the credential.

Members who fail to submit their grades within 120 days of test completion may be responsible for recoupment of some or all funding.

Additional Information
Document Review Date: 12 October 2023