Life Ensures Uncertainty - Prepare for the Unexpected

by Carolyn Alston, MyAFB Strategic Communications

Air Force familyWhile veterans have given life and limb for this country, life after combat continues to be a struggle for many. Soldiers often leave the military with lifelong impacts on their physical and mental health, making it difficult to garner benefits like life insurance.

The VALife program will ease the burden by offering guaranteed whole life insurance coverage. The face value of benefits will be available after premiums are paid during the initial two-year waiting period, which waives the need for medical underwriting. If the participant dies during the two-year waiting period, the beneficiary will receive the premiums plus interest.

The premium monthly rate will depend on the participant’s age and amount of coverage elected. The VALife premiums are fixed and based on the participant's age when they enroll.

The VALife program application will be available beginning January 1, 2023. Sign up for email updates with the VA and stay informed about VALife.

Original article viewed on June 2, 2022